Psycho Returns - Confronting the Darkside

By Shadow Ranger

The four Rangers had powered down although in some cases it was hard to tell. They had triumphed over Hatchiman and destroyed Adaam's power source. Now exhausted they were ready to return to Power Mountain.

"Going somewhere?" a voice, asked.

The Rangers groaned as they turned and found themselves confronted by Taanya, Roocky, Stryfe and Zaack.

"Biilly doesn't want to lose you just yet," Stryfe said. "So we thought we'd convince you to stay. One way or another."

"It's Morphin Time!" Samoht called.

"Now!" Zaack shouted.

Taanya and Roocky pulled a pair of cylinders from behind their backs and threw them at the vulnerable Rangers. The cylinders exploded and released a mixture of gas and smoke that left the Rangers feeling disorientated.

"Biilly wants this to be a scientific exercise," Roocky explained. "It can't be very scientific if you keep changing the rules. So, you stay as a bunch of helpless Rangers and we'll discover what happens when you're attacked by four Psycho Rangers."

"Dragonzord!" Samoht called.

Nothing happened.

"That was a Cold Iron canister," Taanya told him. "Ya'll be lucky if you can ever morph again."

"Phantom Ranger Power!" Natalie called.

The Phantom Ruby glowed but she did not change.

"Your turn," Roocky said to Nathan.

"Ninjetti the Salamand..."

"On second thoughts, why take that risk?" Stryfe smirked as Nathan fell to the ground.

"Zeo Ranger Power!" Nate called.

"Well, looks like there will be some competition after all," Zaack said. "The experiment will be what happens when a lone Ranger faces the superior forces of the Psycho Rangers."

"You'll love this," Roocky laughed. "We're going to chop you up so small that we'll be able to sell you as scrap metal."

"But first we need to slip into something more comfortable while Stryfe here warms you up," Taanya said. Black flame leapt from her fingertips as she added: "And then I'll make sure you stay hot!"

Stryfe attacked immediately, determined not to give Nate time to call forth his arsenal of weapons. He landed a fully energised punch to the Zeo Ranger's left cheek, followed by another to the right hand side and a kick to the gut. He pitched Nate into the air and then jumped so he was directly over the Zeo Ranger and delivered a double axe handle to the back. Nate was sent plummeting back into the ground.

"I can see that being robotic does have advantages," Stryfe said as he lifted the battered but still very much alive Zeo Ranger off the ground. "Another Ranger would have blacked out from that impact. But no matter, I will just have to work harder to destroy you."

"May I cut in?" Psycho Purple asked. Stryfe graciously stepped aside as Psycho Purple whirled her Nunchuks. "This is where I demonstrate the top ten painful uses for a pair of Psycho Nunchuks."

For the next few minutes Taanya proved that she was deadly with the weapon. She held both handles and used the chain as a whip, she beat the Ranger using the club like ends and the very tips of her combat instruments. She strangled him with the chain, wrapped it around different parts of his body before throwing him and wrapped the chain around her fist and used it to make her punches harder.

Nate gave up trying to block Taanya's offence once it became evident that she her weapon had too much power. Even though he was metal, he felt every blow as his hypersensitive nerve cells relayed the information to his mind.

Taanya flick a small button inside one of the solid parts of her Nunchuks and a small set of sharp edges appeared. She used the to rake Zeo Ranger across the face, taking delight in the thin tears it left in his armoured form. She pitched the sharp end outwards and caught him across the chest. The she used the other end to pull him nearer so she could unleash a volley of kicks.

"Just two more," she whispered as Nate struggled against the pain that threatened to claim him. "Here's number two."

She whipped him with the Nunchuks, using the full length of the chain to increase the impact of the solid end. She hit him several times, allowing the chain to sometimes wrap around his prone limbs and other time preferring the short but painful shock created by a fast blow. She struck every part of him including where the sun didn't shine.

"And now for the most painful thing to do with a pair of Nunchuks," she said as her weapon was duplicated.

She repeated her earlier attack, but this time with two pairs of Nunchuks at her command. She used one pair to draw Nate's attention so the other pair could strike their target, but every time they connected Nate was driven into a bigger world of pain whilst Samoht, Natalie and Nathan were forced to watch.

"My turn," Roocky said. "Transform!"

Roocky was changed into the Trickster, a twisted character based on Rocky's love of fun. With a half-white half black face, he wore a red coat and green trouser. On his back was a set of four swords fastened in a x shape. He bowed to his companions and the three helpless Rangers before continuing.

"Pick a card," he told the Zeo Ranger, offering him a deck.

When it became evident that Nate was not going to play along he snarled and threw the deck into the air. The cards rained down on the Zeo Ranger's armour, exploding upon contact.

"And for my next trick," Trickster announced, "I shall need a volunteer."

Nate was lifted into the air by unseen hands. A box of dark energy formed around him as Trickster drew one of the swords on his back.

"I shall now demonstrate the ancient technique of dicing Rangers."

He slammed the sword into the box, withdrew the blade and repeated the motion. He continued to do so until he was certain the Nate would be bleeding, then he removed the box.

Nate fell to his knees. There was no blood since he lacked the substance. In fact the only evidence of Trickster's attack was the pained expression on Nate's face as the Zeo Ranger tried to pull himself back to his feet.

"Perhaps you need some beauty in your life," Trickster said. "Here, smell my flower!"

A spray of acid caught Nate in the face. Luckily his Ranger armour protected his eyes from the assault while his metallic body was unaffected.

"I'm going to finish you soooo good," Zaack said as he transformed into a boxer with a long white boa around his neck. "I'm so outrageous it's contagious."

Style Master as Zaack's alternate form was known wore a pair of red boxing gloves and black trunks. The gloves were empowered by the Power Ring and a pair of brass knuckles he wore.

"I'm a bad man!" Zaack exclaimed.

His left fist landed on the side of Nate's head. A second blow caught him on the jaw followed by a series of rapid punches to the metal Ranger's ribs. The dents in Nate's armour showed that the punches were having a limited effect, something Nate was suffering from.

"You're having a bad day boy!" Style Master said as he knocked the wind out of Zeo Ranger with a Tiger Bomb. Boa Constrictor, now!"

Style Master's boa wrapped around Nate's neck and tried to choke him out. Of course since he had no breath, Nate couldn't be choked. Instead he used the opportunity to focus his mind and to slow the momentum.

"I'm a bad man!" Style Master cried again.

"You're finished!" Nate replied as he tore the boa in half and clocked the evil Ranger in the face.

Style Master retreated as Stryfe took over from him. The replica of Nathan Oliver could easily match up against Nate and he wasted little time in attacking the Zeo Ranger again. His powerful fingers crushed Nate's metallic skin and his powerful jabs and kicks shattered his armour. As his grip tightened Stryfe started to send wave after wave of destructive energy into Nate's prone body. And all the time Samoht, Nathan and Natalie were forced to watch.

"You're going to regret what you did to me," Style Master said. He pointed at Natalie. "I'm going to kick her bootie with my tootie fruitie!"

"Power down," Stryfe said, holding a clawed finger against Natalie's throat.

"Zeo Ranger, Power Down!" Nate called.

His metal body transformed back into its plain humanoid form.

"Looks like our friend here is all metal," Stryfe commented. "Anyone got a tin opener?"

"Try this," Style Master said.

He charged towards Nate with his arm extended and caught the metallic human square in the jaw. Had he had bones they would have shattered from the impact. Instead Nate's face bore a deep dent.

"Melt Down!" Stryfe cried.

A ball of fire rained from the sky and consumed Nate's metal body. He started to melt as the temperature increased and the pain grew unbearable.

"Enough!" Style Master said. "We want him intact for the other Rangers."

"Damn!" Stryfe swore. "Can I play with one of the others then?"

"Play, don't break," Roocky said.

"I want this one," Taanya said, pointing at Natalie.

"Ah, my feminine side given form," Stryfe said. "I must admit I make an ugly woman."

"Come on then bitch!" Taanya said. "I promise I won't kill you...Yet!"

Natalie knew she had no choice; the battle with Hatchiman and their metamorphosis had left Nathan, Nate and Natalie weakened and Samoht was still suffering from earlier. She knew she needed to hold out until help arrive, but she was unsure whether she had the energy. Being unable to morph made her position all the more precarious, but she did have one slight advantage; Taanya had been ordered not to kill her. That meant that Psycho Purple would pull her punches. Unfortunately Natalie knew there were lots of things that could be done without killing her.

To start off with Taanya played fair and even powered down so she could prove her worth. She hadn't yet used the transformation ability of her Power Ring since she was happy with her Psycho Ranger mode. The two combatants circled each other cautiously, both eager to see what the other would do.

Surprisingly it was Natalie who attacked first. She was from the future of another dimension where the rule of escalating a battle unless force to do so was not enforced so rigorously as they were here. After the Countdown to Destruction, Nathan's parents had redefined the rule to include the words 'without good cause'. Nathan had always tried to avoid fighting if possibly, but when his own life was at stake he would attack first. That was a philosophy Natalie relied on now as she swung for Taanya.

The Purple Psycho Ranger backed up as Natalie went on the offensive. Seeing how she had only been physically aware for less than an hour, she was a surprisingly skilled fighter. Her chosen style of fighting relied mainly upon kicks with the occasional punch thrown in for good measure. She aimed high to force Taanya to raise her arms and then landed her next kick to the exposed chest and stomach. Her movements also stopped Taanya from getting too close.

Taanya hit the ground hard, but was cushioned by the sand. She saw an opportunity and after seizing a handful of sand, threw it in Natalie's eyes. While Natalie was unable to see Taanya attacked. She tried to choke Natalie into submission and as the powerless Phantom Ranger's struggle decline it became evident that she was succeeding.

"Duck left," Natalie heard Nathan say. At least it sounded like Nathan only in her mind. Then she remembered that they were still linked at some level and that she was hearing Nathan's thoughts. She concentrated on the voice and realised it was not so much heard as felt. The link ws emotional in nature and what he had said was just her interpretation. Even so, for a moment she saw the battle through Nathan's eyes and was able to gain her bearings.

She ducked and pulled her weight to the left. This had the desired effect of throwing Taanya off balance and after another quick jerk to the right, Natalie was free from the grip. She didn't waste time and stomped on Taanya's head before the Psycho Ranger could recover.

"Well done," Trickster said.

Roocky's appearance had changed to that of a tuxedo wearing gentleman complete with cane and top hat. He bowed to Natalie and removed his hat as he did so. Natalie ducked as the ferocious wolf emerged from the hat with a rabbit in its jaws. Trickster swiped at her with his cane and knocked the wind out of her. She rolled aside as he tried to land a second blow and tried to deliver a low blow.

"Ma'am, you have offended me," Trickster said; he now sounded like a southern gentleman. "I shall have to teach you some manners."

He raised his cane and brought it down firmly across the backs of her legs. He repeated the motion, this time using the thicker end of the cane against her knee.

"I shall teach you how we deal with whores in good old Texas," he said with an awful accent.

He continued to whip her with the cane. His shots weren't hard enough to cause permanent damage, but were extremely painful as he had hoped.

"Ah Madame, you are a thing of beauty, just like me," Trickster said. The awful accent was replaced by an even worse French accent. "Perhaps you would allow me to show you the ways of love."

This time Natalie found her target and Trickster doubled over. She tried to kick him again, but her foot was caught as he recovered.

"So my beauty is not enough for you eh?" he said. "Then maybe you should meet the beast."

Trickster was gone and in his place stood the Blue Psycho Ranger. Although Natalie could not see it, he was smiling as he considered the sickening things he was planning to do to the frightened girl in front of him. He knew he could torment her for hours before he would grow tired. He also knew that he could kill her easily and that added to his sense of power.

"I'm going to have fun teaching you some respect," he hissed.

Roocky summoned his axe and stood menacingly over the fallen Ranger. He ran his finger over the blade to test how sharp it was.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep!

"Did you hear that?" Stryfe said as he stared at the communicator on Samoht's wrist. "The Rangers will be here soon."

"Then we'd better be ready," Style Master said. "Plant the devices."

Angel Grove Park

Doc Tortua led her army of Uglies into battle. Her plan was to capture the Angel Grove Ley Nexus and use the power to increase the strength of her Power Ring. Her more immediate mission was to draw some of the Rangers to her;location so the others could be ambushed. She also wanted the chance to test her new foot soldiers.

"Kill the humans," she ordered and watched as the Cyber Tengas, Cyber Putties, Avian Cogs and winged Putties moved into battle.

As expected two Rangers teleported into her location. Her trap was intended for three or more, so she didn't activate it just yet.

"Red Ranger Power!" Jason Lee-Scott, leader of the Morphin Rangers cried. When Zordon and Billy had needed a Ranger to stop the efforts of Doc Tortua, they had turned to Jason. The fact that fighting would take his mind off the disappearance of Samoht Revilo, his fellow Body Aspect Ranger, also played a part in their decision. Jason would be a lot calmer after he had taken his frustrations out on the strangely familliar foot soldiers.

"Brown Ranger Power!" Aisha Campbell called. As the Brown Morphin Ranger she had completed the team. It was the fact that Doc Tortua was her evil replica that had prompted Billy to team her with Jason. That and the fact that Aisha was a trained Ninja equal to Tommy, Rocky, Jason, Adam and Trini in martial arts.

"Well look what the cat dragged in," Doc Tortua laughed. "Uglies, get them!"

The Uglies lacked the coordination of the Cogs and Quantrons, and the creativeness and dumb luck of the Tengas or Putties. They did have3 one advantage in terms of shear numbers.

At first Red and Brown Ranger were happy to fight back using just their fists and feet, but as the battle wore on and they grew tired, they switched to their Blade Blasters and eventually to their Power Weapons. Jason used a combination of Power Sword and Battle Armour to fend them off whilst Aisha chose her Ninja Ranger mode combined with her Power Sticks.

"We can't keep this up for ever," Jason panted, a bad sign; Jason was in good shape, so if he was out of breath it meant their opponents were pushing him to the limit.

"Zordon, we need help," Aisha called into her communicator. There was no reply. "Zordon, Alpha?"

"Hiyah!" Red Ranger cried as his sword seemed to burst into flames. The weapon sliced through the nearest Cyber Putty and as he brought the hilt back it took out one of the Avian Cogs.

"Double Up!" Aisha ordered. She split into two warriors, both armed with Power Sticks. Together they beat off a few of the Winged Putties. "Solo!" Aisha returned to a single Ranger. She slotted the Power Sticks together and hit the extend button. "Hah!" The end of the Power Stick jabbed one of the Avian Cogs in the face.

"Not bad," Doc Tortua said. "You two have some nice tricks, but so do I. Uglies, split form!"

The Uglies doubled in numbers at her command and continued to attack without any sign of conscious thought. Their mindless dedication made it impossible for the two Rangers to scare them off.

"Brown Ranger Thunderclap!" Aisha called.

A watered down version of the Mind Aspect Rangers' Rolling Thunder attack battered the attacking Uglies. Some of them were fried by the attack, others were thrown away by the force.

"Split Form!" Doc Tortua cried. The number of Uglies increased again.

"Zeo Power Whip!" Yellow Zeo called as she teleported in.

The Zeo Power Weapon wrapped around the nearest Cyber Putty and she used it against the other Uglies.

While the three Rangers were battling, Doc Tortua triggered her trap. A forcefield went up around the park, preventing any teleportation. The Uglies vanished as a cannon appeared on her shoulder. She pulled the trigger and a shockwave engulfed the Rangers.

Peace Conference

Zack Taylor had heard the familiar beep of his communicator, but was in no condition to answer it; the sedative Biilly had injected him with ensured that the Black Morphin Ranger was unable to move let alone morph. Kiimberly Hart watched him impassively as he struggled against the drug. His Ranger powers were little help against the poison since it dulled the part of his mind that sensed when the body needed healing.

"Transform!" Kiimberly called.

She was morphed into Amazon, her alternate form. She wore an outfit similar to the one worn by Xena in the television show. She knelt down and injected Zack with the antidote. Now she could have some fun.

"Thanks," Zack said as he caught sight of Kiimberly for the first time. "Kim?"

"Sorry, guess again," Amazon said. She jabbed him in the neck and twisted. "I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. In thirty seconds you'll be dead."

Zack reached for where her hand had been, hoping to find something he could remove to solve the problem. Of course there was nothing there and he started to panic.

"Three, two, one..." As Zack blacked out he felt somebody strike him again. The warm trickle of blood ran from his nose as his eyes started to clear. "Now we're going to play a game of hide and seek," Amazon said. "You run and hide while I find and kill you. Go!"

Zack ran, his mind still clouded from the effects of the sedative and the blood clot. He was only mildly aware of the people around him or the monstrous Amazon in pursuit.

"It's Morphin Time!" he called as he rounded a corner. He had somehow managed to find his way into an area closed for redecorating. "Black Ranger Power!"

Zack's Black Ranger armour appeared but he kept running. The effects of his experience were starting to fade and he had a plan. At the end of the corridor full of dormitories was a chute used for laundry. He ran to the chute and kicked it before ducking to one side. Amazon though assumed he had gone through the hatch and after pulling a blaster from her chest plate, unloaded her weapon down the chute.


Zack struck Kiimberly with a double axe-handle and pushed her into the tube. He waited and then threw himself in feet first.

Amazon dove through the shoot, already her next move had been calculated and she shifted her weight accordingly. As she landed she brought her foot up to where she imagined Zack's head would appear. She was decked when Black Ranger slid from the pipe and drove his feet into her other leg.

"Giant, Blob!" she cried.

"Yeah boss?" Blob answered.

"Grab him!" Amazon ordered.

The replicas of Jason and Bulk, known as Giant and Blob were eager to please. They both lunged for the Black Ranger, but he danced around them and picked his targets carefully. Unfortunately with his concentration divided between Buulk and Giant, he failed to see Amazon as she sneaked up from behind. His armour absorbed her kick, but not the choke slam from Giant or the power bomb from Blob.

"Neutralize him," she said coldly.

Blob ran towards Giant with exceptional speed for such a large thing. Giant waited until Blob had some momentum and the lifted his partner into the air. Blob's weight with a little help from Giant ensured that his Cold Iron sweat covered the Black Ranger and shorted out his powers.

The three villains laughed as they lifted Zack to his feet and teleported away.


"Do you hear that?" Daavid asked his prisoner.

Tommy stared defiantly at his brother's replica. Daavid had arrived to help Black Cat and together they had secured the Red Zeo Ranger to one of the generators. Tommy had no doubt that they planned to turn on the power and kill him. He had to play along.

"No," he said.

"I can," Black Cat purred. "That is the sound of Zordon summoning your little friends. Any minute now they'll be here to save you. And when they do..."

"We'll be ready," Daavid told him.

"You see Tommy, we're going to use your power to disable them," Black Cat said. "And then Mind Wipe here will take control and use them against any backup."

"I don't think he believes us," Daavid said as he transformed into Mind Wipe. "He will soon."

"Join us Tommy," Kaat said. "We can give you everything you have denied yourself. All the powers that Zordon has given you are nothing compared to what Biilly could offer. We could cure you if you joined us, then we could be a family again. You, me, Toommy, Daavid and Saamoht, all together for the restof our lives."

Tommy watched as Black Cat and Mind Wipe kissed. He knew they were hoping to distract him enough that Daavid's twisted telepathy could seize control of his mind. There was no illusion; they wanted him for the power he possessed due to the Zeo Toxin.

"Get bent!" Tommy found himself saying.

"Wrong answer," Black Cat announced. She raked her sharp claws over his exposed chest, drawing blood from the bound teenager. She smiled as the Red Zeo Ranger cried out, knowing that Tommy's Ranger Healing was already fixing the wound.

"Zeo Ranger I - Pink!"

"White Ranger Power!"

The called heralded the arrival of Katherine Hilliard and David Trueheart. It was a match up where it was the way they fought that would determine the victor since they were equals in strength, skill and knowledge. They all knew how their opponents liked to fight and could anticipate their movements easily.

"Switch it on!" Black Cat shouted to Mind Wipe as she fought off Pink Zeo.

Mind Wipe tried to obey, but David was making it difficult for him to do anything except block. In the fight the control device for the generator Tommy was fastened to was destroyed and the Red Zeo Ranger was freed.

Still too weak from draining off his excess power, Tommy could only watch as his brother and former girlfriend battled Mind Wipe and Black Cat. Pink Zeo had abandoned her composed technique and was dragging Black Cat by the hair. She through the feline Psycho Ranger around and every time Black Cat landed on her feet.

Meanwhile David and Mind Wipe fought on multiple levels. White Ranger was becoming better at taking his attack to the Astral Plane where he could use his powers more effectively. At the same time though he had to contend with the physical offence offered by Mind Wipe. The combination of punches and psychic energy waves caused both combatants to tire. Only the super endurance that the Power gave its avatars allowed them to continue.

"Time to change into something deadlier," Black Cat said.

Mind Wipe nodded and they transformed into the Dark Pink and White Psycho Rangers. With the change of power source they received a temporary boost to their powers.

"Now the game changes kiddies," Psycho White said. "We're going to play hardball."

"Psycho Disk!" Dark Pink Psycho called.

"Dark Saba!" Psycho White cried.

The twisted versions of Saba and Pink Zeo's Power Disk appeared at their commands as the two Psycho Rangers attacked. They both had the element of surprise and despite a valiant effort on the part of Pink Zeo and White Ranger, the Psycho Rangers were soon standing victorious over their opponents. While Psycho White held his weapon at the ready, Dark Pink Psycho demorphed and used the power of her ring to disrupt both the Morphin Grid and Zeo Crystal. Then they stood over the subdued forms of David and Kat.

"Bring them," Kaat said.

She grabbed Kat by the hair as she teleported away. Daavid smiled and after kicking David in the gut, he took both the Red Zeo Ranger and the White Morphin Ranger with him to the rendezvous point.

The Desert

The trap had been triggered as soon as the Rangers had teleported in. A wave of static energy had scrambled the molecules of the green, blue, yellow and gold Zeo Rangers before they could reform fully. With slight manipulation the four Rangers were delivered in a powered down state, unable to move while their bodies reassembled themselves fully.

"That was almost too easy," Biilly commented. "It was too easy!"

The leader of the Psycho Rangers was quite right. Blue and Yellow Ranger had avoided the traps that had been set and were watching as Biilly assembled his captives. Red, White, Black, Pink, Green Brown and Purple Rangers had been placed in one area. All had been morphed and then placed in Standby Mode. How they had managed to capture Kimberly and Zack was uncertain. In the middle were Nathan and a pair neither Trini nor Billy had seen before. On the other side were Red, Gold, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow Zeo. They were all in the same condition as the Morphin team except for Tommy who was unmorphed.

"What do we do now?" Yellow Ranger asked.

"We need to get closer," Blue Ranger whispered back.

"Ninja Ranger power!" they said together.

They used their Ninja powers to get closer to their friends so Billy could discover how they were. He suspected there was some kind of speel holding them in place, but he couldn't see exactly where.

"Hey boss, I found em!" Blob yelled as he pointed to where the Ninja Rangers were hiding.

"You mean he found them!" Biilly replied.

Above the two Rangers floated Warlock, otherwise known as Saamoht Revilo. He waved his hands as he chanted a spell. Beneath him the ground rose up to swallow the two Rangers. It crushed them continually until they demorphed. Then they were placed with the others.

In the Power Chamber three figures watched the turn of events on the Viewing Screen. It would have been easy to charge into combat, but as Ninjor had pointed out, Biilly was smart enough that there was probably a trap set up especially for the three Morphin Masters. Instead they decided to sit back until they spotted an opportunity. Besides, Thalian had sensed that some of the Rangers had been defeated a little too easily.

Jason shifted his gaze towards Billy, unwilling to believe that the Blue Morphin Ranger had fallen for such an easy trap. The smile on Billy's face told the Red Ranger that he was right. Billy was up to something.

For his part Billy was relying on two factors: how well his replica could read his mind and how convincing he was at portraying the man with a plan. He did have an idea, but it was reliant on the Doctor being able to time things just right. The idea he had sent the Timelord had been brief, since Billy's telepathic abilities were still limited.

The slow grinding of gears told him that the fight was indeed back on. The TARDIS appeared for a mere second, creating an illusion that allowed Billy to recall his helmet and break his bonds. He soon freed the others and the battle was rejoined.

The Rangers faced off against their replicas, their Power Weapons drawn as the Psycho Rangers chose their Power Rings for their first attack. The two sides clash with neither able to gain the upper hand. Toommy, Stryfe and Warlock were in better condition than the originals, so they naturally won. When it came to the likes of Giant and Blob though, who had already been defeated once and Hatchiman who was dead, the Power Rangers had the advantage.

"Time to ascend to the next level," Biilly said. "Psycho Rangers, enlarge!"

"Great, just what we blooming need," Yellow Zeo said.

"What we need," Blue Ranger corrected, "Are the Zords."

"Ninja Zords, Power Up!" Yellow and Blue Rangers called.

"Shogun Zords, Power Up!" White and Purple Ranger called.

"Dino Zord Power, Now!" Red and Green Ranger cried.

"Thunder Zord Power!" Black and Pink Ranger called.

"Zeo MegaBattlezord!" the Zeo Rangers called. They quickly added: "Super Zeo Megazord Power!"

"Warrior Wheel!" Gold Ranger called.

"Mega Battleborg!" Brown Ranger cried.

"Lizard Zord Arise!" Nathan called.

The Zords quickly combined into their most powerful attack modes. The Ninja Zords formed the MegaFalconzord and the Ninja Battlezord. The Thunder Zords combined into the Mega Tigerzord, Red Dragon Zord, Spider Zord and Pegasus Zord with Black and Pink Ranger taking command of the Mega Tigerzord. The Dinozords merged into the Mega Dragonzord controlled by Red and Green Rangers, Raptor Zord and Stegosaurus on automatic; the nine Shogun Zords combined in the Shogun Megazord controlled by Purple and White Rangers; and the Mega Battleborg under Aisha's careful guidance. Green and Pink Zeo took command of the Zeo MegaBattlezord, Gold Zeo controlled the Warrior Wheel leaving Blue and Yellow Zeo to command the Super Zeo Megazord. Nathan skillfully piloted his Lizard Zord, making the numbers almost even.

The fight started quickly with the Zords taking the brunt of the punishment. The Psycho Rangers used every trick in their arsenal to destroy the Zords. Meanwhile the Zords called forth their various weapons. The Super Zeo Megazord threw the Warrior Wheel towards the Psycho Rangers. The wheel ripped through the Trickster, destroying Roocky's Power Ring in the process. The Zeo MegaBattlezord fire its shoulder cannons and put Black Cat on her back. Her ring was shattered as she returned to normal size. The trend continued as despite the Psycho Rangers powers, the Zords proved superior.

Not all the Psycho Rangers fell at the first hurdle. Stryfe dealt a devastating blow to the Pegasus Zord that knocked it from the sky. The Spider Zord despite its great strength fell victim to Blob's splash attack. Style Master ripped the Raptor's neck off with his Boa Constrictor. The Stegosaurus was torn in half by Warlock and Giant.

Despite all this the Ranger managed to triumph. All the Psycho Rangers had been returned to their normal size with their Power Rings completely destroyed. Unfortunately Biilly had had other plans. He waited until all the remaining Psycho Rangers had been reduced to human form. For some that would be painful experience since they had become addicted to the power of their rings. For Biilly though it marked an opportunity and at the right moment he detonated an Electro Magnetic Pulse.

The Zords swayed as their power levels dropped. Zordon teleported those that were intact away before they could be damaged further. As the Rangers returned to the desert ground, they found the Psycho Rangers ready for another fight. All except for Biilly.

The Psycho Rangers survived the loss of their battle with their Power Rings. Stryfe had somehow managed to internalize the powers of his ring, Toommy had not been present during the battle and had kept his powers and Biilly had escaped before he could be damaged. While Stryfe had stayed on the battlefield Biilly had returned to his headquarters to find Toommy. He found the replica in the vault where the stolen Zeo Crystal was stored. When he entered Toommy opened fire.

Biilly staggered back and Toommy was on him. The replica of Tommy Oliver lashed out with a sword he had acquired from somewhere. The blade struck Biilly in the chest and snapped.

"You didn't think you could win did you Toommy?" Biilly asked. "I am more powerful than you could begin to imagine. I am more powerful than any of the replicas at my disposal. I am the successor to Minion's legacy, not you. He gave me more energy than you could hope for in your best dream."

"Biilly, you talk too much," Toommy replied.

Biilly rubbed his nose where Toommy's punch had landed. His hand was covered with blood as it moved away. That didn't matter because the Power would heal a mere broken nose, but the damage done to his reputation and image by Toommy's lucky shot required immediate action to rectify.

"Spots, hold him!"

Biilly's Power Ring glowed as he summoned his own batch of foot soldiers. These were created from magic and as such would only exist for a short time. But then Biilly only had one task in mind for then and that was to capture the replica known as Toommy. The result was six featureless white humanoids covered with small spots of colour. Each held a spear that Toommy assumed would mean bad luck for the person on the receiving end.

Toommy used his Power Ring to trigger his dormant Psycho Ranger powers. He wasn't sure whether where his loyalties lay at this time except that Biilly seemed to be acting more and more like Minion and Toommy knew the trouble that Minion had almost caused. In his mind it would have been better to help the Rangers than allow some lunatic to destroy the Earth.

"Siek-yah!" he cried as he threw the first Spot to the ground and gained a weapon.

What followed was a brief yet brutal battle. Toommy fought fiercely to remain outside of the Spots clutches whilst the mindlessly obedient Spots continued to attack even where it became obvious that to do so would cost them their lives.

One Spot got lucky and drove his spear into Toommy's calf. As it freed the weapon and tried for a more vital blow, Toommy had enough. The partial Zeo Crystal he had stolen from Biilly's lab glowed green as the Lin-Kuei Crystal in Toommy's chest was replaced by the pure and flawless Zeo fragment. It didn't matter though since Biilly took over the attack and pummeled Toommy into submission. He raised a blaster and set it to kill. He didn't want to kill Toommy, but he needed to scare him into obedience.

"Your choice Toommy," Biilly said. "Obey or die!"

Toommy chose to obey. He wasn't a fool and knew he could always fight another day if he stayed alive. Biilly nodded and gave Toommy a list of names.

"These are the names of the remaining replicas. Find them and bring them here. Their programming will activate when you find them. Get them here before those Rangers finish us!"

Toommy nodded and moved to obey.

In the Power Chamber, Skull had been given a mission by Zordon. He had been ordered to find the remaining Zeo Rangers before it was too late. Meanwhile Ninjor, Thalian and Saurian had been called away to Triforia and were involved in a battle between Trey and the Triforian Order.

"Hurry White Ranger," Zordon said. "We must find the last of the Zeo Rangers before it is too late."

And back on the battlefield, Biilly used a new weapon to finally defeat the Power Rangers. For them it was already too late.

Next: Toommy starts his mission to recover the remaining replicas

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