Conquest of Evil

From Heroes to Legends

Disclaimer: MMPR and all related items courtesy Saban, yadda, yadda, yadda. JLA and all related characters courtesy DC comics, blah, blah, blah. Writer’s Note: 1. Since I am writing this as my first MMPR/DCU story, I made some changes to the Ranger’s history, mainly that in this, There has been no Power Transfer, and no Ninja competition. Thus: Rocky, Adam, and Tanya (another change) do not appear until Kat makes her 1st appearance. 2. There is a 7th Ranger, a purple one, named Samantha. 3. This is not the official DC universe.

From Heroes to Legends
By Carl Turner

The alarms in the Command Center were blaring like crazy. Alpha 5, Zordon’s robotic right hand, seemed to be going just as insane. “ZORDON!” the android sputtered, “we’ve got real trouble now! A group of Tengas and Putties…”

“Rita and Zedd are really starting to get bolder with this attack. I’ll…” Zordon started.

“It’s not Rita or Zedd! You’re not going to believe this, but those creature are with the Cheetah, the Riddler, Two-Face, Brainiac, Felix Faust, Major Force, Doctor Light…” Alpha sputtered.

Zordon looked grimmer than usual. “Hmmm. Some of the Justice League’s worst enemies. And if the putties and Tengas are with them, then a very foul alliance has been formed. This can only mean true disaster. Contact the Power Rangers immediately!”

At that moment, Zack Taylor and Kimberly Hart were helping a new science teacher, Andrea Thomas, get settled into her new surroundings.

“This is a major change from Lockspur. I hope I can fit in,” Andrea told the two young students.

“Man, science is gonna totally jam this year!” Zack assured her.

“I wish I was in your class. Zack’s right, you make science totally cool! Billy is so lucky to have you as his teacher,” Kimberly spoke.

“From what I hear, you two are already in fine shape in your science classes,” Andrea told them. She was about to say something else when two alarms went off. One was the signal for the Power Rangers, the other…

“Sorry, but we better be going, Ms. Thomas. Prior commitment,” Kimberly told her.

“Go ahead, I have an important errand to run myself,” Andrea told them. With that, Zack and Kimberly raced down the hall into a deserted lobby. “We read you Zordon, go ahead,” Kimberly whispered.

Zordon’s voice boomed, “Rangers, teleport to the Command Center right away. This is vital.”

Zack whispered, “We’re on it, Zordon.” Soon, he and Kimberly faded into black and pink light and shot out of the school.

Soon, the two Rangers were joined by Jason Lee Scott, Trini Kwan, Tommy Oliver, Samantha Dean, and Billy Cranston. Zordon spoke, “Rangers, behold the viewing globe. The world’s worst supervillains have joined forced with Rita and Zedd. Whatever they have planned, it can be no good for the world.”

“That’s something we have to find out as soon as possible,” Jason told her. “Guys, IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”








In a flash, the seven Rangers teleported into downtown Angel Grove. The Cheetah and another villain, Felix Faust, were about to lay waste to the entire area.

In his guise as the White Ranger, Tommy bellowed, “Hey, grandpa! Drop it! Don’t make this any harder on you than it already is!”

Faust sneered, “Well, if it isn’t the next generation of Teen Titans! Sorry, kiddies, you may defeat stupid monsters, but were’ too much for you to handle. You can’t beat us. You’ve already lost!”

Red Ranger (Jason) snorted, “Wanna bet, has-beens?”

The Black Ranger (Zack) yelled, “Come on guys, let’s put these geezers back in the Old Villains’ Home where they belong!”

“Oh really?” Cheetah snarled. “Putties, Tengas, ATTACK!”

But the Rangers made short work of the creatures. The Yellow Ranger (Trini) spoke up, “You’re next, kitty! Behave, and you may even get a saucer of milk!”

“Sorry, kid, I prefer mice. Ranger mice, to be precise. Shall we, Felix, hmm,” Cheetah growled as she and Faust attacked the Rangers. Unfortunately, the creeps had the Rangers at their mercy. “So long, kiddies,” Cheetah started when a voice behind her shouted, “Oh really? WE DON’T THINK SO!” Cheetah and Faust turned to see who they were facing, and both said the same two words before getting a right to the jaw. “OH, NO!”

Wonder Woman and Isis looked at the villains in disgust. “Picking on kids. What’s neck, kicking kittens?” Isis griped.

to wit, the evil twosome said six words, “WHO THE HELL INVITED YOU TWO?!”

“No one,” Wonder Woman smiled. “We decided to crash. Oh, and speaking of crashes…,” and then promptly threw the Cheetah into a tree and just proceeded to beat the living hell out of her. Meanwhile, Isis showed Faust just who was the better sorcerer. She shot him into the air like a cannon. Joining him, she grabbed him, and sent him screaming back to the ground, where Wonder Woman had just sent the Cheetah into orbit. The two fiends collided in mid-air and soon were unconscious on the ground.

Isis walked over to the unconscious teens. “Are you all right? I saw those turkeys messed you up real bad.” Jason was the first to recover from the attack. Looking a the two sleeping villains, he said, “I know we didn’t do that.”

Isis gets this funny look on her face was bells go off in her head. She thinks to herself, “Jason? No, it can’t be,” before forcing her thoughts to return to the business at hand.

Kimberly (Pink Ranger) had the same idea, asking, “What were those two creepazoids doing here?”

“They, along with several other superbastards have joined forces with your Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. They’re planning to destroy several cities throughout the United States. Someone is bankrolling the whole operation, but we’re not sure who he is yet. If their plans succeed, the future of America, maybe the world, is in severe jeopardy. We need your help, Power Rangers. Will you help us on this?” Wonder Woman asked.

The Rangers quickly conferred with each other, and soon had their answer. “YOU GOT IT!”

In hours, they were at the JLA’s satellite HQ. Batman briefed everyone on what he had discovered in his investigation. “Basically, none of these people have the financial resources or brainpower to do this alone. Five guesses who is funding this whole cataclysmic endeavor?”

The Flash mused, “That of course being…”

“Lex Luthor. He is the only one with the money to pull something like this off, and pull together this type of talent. Needless to say, he’s the brains behind this,” Batman told everyone.

Billy (Blue Ranger) was understandably puzzled. “I heard Luthor was a humanitarian and a benefactor to various organizations that do nothing but help people. Why would he be involved in this hellish scheme?”

Superman told Billy, “The philanthropist, benefacting, humanitarian is just a snow job. This man is a completely ruthless, conniving sleaze who would do anything to expand his power base.”

Hawkman then told everyone, “We have less than 29 hours to stop this plan from ever coming to reality.”

“If we’re going to be truly effective in stopping their plans, we’d best split into smaller teams,” Wonder Woman told them. “The Pink and Black Rangers are with me in Boston.”

“Red Ranger, you’re with myself and Robin in Gotham,” Batman told him.

“Yellow Ranger, you come with Hawkwoman and me to Chicago,” Hawkman replied.

“Flash, Green Lantern, and myself will take Angel Grove,” Tommy told them plainly.

“Isis, the Purple Ranger, and I will head for L.A.,” Black Canary told everyone.

Superman spoke, “That leaves Metropolis for the Blue Ranger and myself. Let’s get going.”

Many important events in this country’s past have happened in or around Boston. Recently, it was the first city Wonder Woman had called home for her first six years in man’s world. Now, she and two of the Power Rangers had come to save the city from Poison Ivy and Bloodsport.

“Ooooooh, where do we start first, what do we do first?” Poison Ivy snickered.

“How about ‘Surrender peacefully,’ how’s that for an option?” Wonder Woman spoke up. She, Zack, and Kimberly had promptly decided to knock their blocks off. “Hello, Ivy. Anything to say before we know you two into next week?”

Poison Ivy growled, “You really know how to kill a party WW, you know that?”

Bloodsport shouted, “Let’s just blast them to hell! All three of them!”

Bloodsport immediately began blasting away at the three with a mega-cannon he had transported from somewhere, but Wonder Woman was ready. She promptly deflected each shot right back at him with her bracelets while Zack aimed his Cosmic Cannon at the creep’s weapon and fired, destroying the death-dealing item. Another shot destroyed his transportation belt, taking away any weapon access he had. One that was taken care of, Zack did a flying kick, right to Bloodsport’s jaw, knocking him out.

Kimberly, meanwhile, avoided any and all of Poison Ivy’s attacks with chemicals, or whatever, simply by ducking and avoiding the botanical vixen, and when the time was right, she grabbed her by the wrist, and slammed into the base of the Paul Revere statue, revealing almost 200 pounds of plastique. “Wonder Woman, the bomb’s here!” Pink Ranger shouted.

In seconds, the Amazing Amazon was there, wrapping the statue with her magic lasso. Then, using her superstrength, she hurled it up into the stratosphere. Zack took aim at the statue with his Cannon, as did Kimberly with her Battle Bow, and when it was high enough, both fired, safely detonating the threat high above the city where it could harm no one. Kimberly told the others that she found the real statute, hidden in a storage chamber, with so many items covering it, no one would be the wiser.

“Smooth move, we saved Boston!” Zack cheered.

“All right, we did it!” Kimberly screamed.

Wonder Woman was more cautious. “Let’s hope our friends are just as successful in their efforts to stop the perps.”

Gotham was, and always has been, a city that has seen better days. Caught in the grip of constant crime, violence, terror and despair, it’s no wonder that hope is a truly rare commodity in this city. It is this reason that only Gotham City could have given birth to the Batman. Now he, Robin, and Jason, the Red Ranger, had to find the Scarecrow, the Riddler, and sixty canisters of deadly fear gas.

“I never thought I’d actually be in here,” Jason marveled. But only for a second. Where they were was at the Batcave.

“Knowing the Scarecrow’s insane desire to put everyone in a state of total fear, it’s most likely they would want to disperse the gas at an extremely large gathering, but where? That’s what we had to find out, and soon,” Batman spoke.

Robin wondered, “Hmm… Rock concert… Electronics and computer exhibit… boat show… football game… man, it could be anywhere?”

“Wait a minute, why didn’t I think of this before? Isn’t there supposed to be a MAJOR Martial Arts exhibition here in Gotham in 45 minutes?” Jason asked.

Batman shouted, “Of course! Every martial artist in Gotham will be there, not to mention the differing masters of each discipline. That has to be it!”

Robin shouted, “What the hell are we waiting for? We’d better haul it to the Mazzuchelli Auditorium!”

In fifteen minutes, they had arrived at the auditorium. “Spread out, and most importantly, find those canisters!” Batman yelled.

Jason teleported into the rafters above the seating area, and discovered the Riddler attaching twenty canisters to the ventilation systems. “Hey, puny boy! Turn around!” Red Ranger yelled.

“So, Red Ranger, is it? I’ve got one for you. Why are you like a baby carp?”

Jason promptly responded, “I’ve never thought of myself as a small-fry.” He then threw his Scathing Sword at the pipes that connected the canisters to the ventilation system, cutting them in two. Leaping twenty-five feet to catch him, Red Ranger shouted, “Hey, Riddler, I’ve got one for you. What’s the difference between a lawyer and you?”

Riddler asked, “What?”

Jason slugged him in the jaw, knocking out the criminal, saying, “You see, a lawyer goes before the bars of Justice… and you’re going behind them.”

Meanwhile, Robin encountered several Putties at the ticketbooth, along with twenty more canisters of fear gas. After kicking his way into the booth, he remembered what Jason told him about their “Z” spot. He waded into the putties, taking them out with ease, then simply disconnected the canisters. Both soon got in touch with Batman, who found the remaining twenty under the stage. After disconnecting the valves, he confronted the Scarecrow, who taunted the Dark Knight with “A little present from me to you, Batman!” he sneered, tossing a plastic skull at him.

As always, Batman was prepared, snatching the skull out of the air and throwing it back at the Master of Fear. Emitting fumes, the skull had soon enveloped Scarecrow, who began to hallucinate images of bats, robins, and tyrannosauruses, ripping him apart. The images ended when Batman knocked him out, saying, “That’s my present, Scarecrow!” Robin and Jason joined him with news that they had stopped their foes, and that Wonder Woman, Zack, and Kimberly had been successful with their mission. Batman said, “That’s good to know. Contact Hawkman and let him know.”

Chicago has been known by many names, the Windy City chief among them. Although not as bad as Gotham, Chicago is still loaded with crime, bigotry, and strife. The city gained two guardian angels four years ago, by the names of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Today, they and the Yellow Ranger must stop Major Force and Two-Face.

“They’re holding the entire city commission hostage. They are demanding $45,000,000 in unmarked bills,” Hawkman told them.

Trini spoke up, “They’re dreaming. No way are we going to get that.”

“I agree. Let’s attack from both high and low,” Hawkman told them. “Hawkwoman, loan the Yellow Ranger your wings and anti-grav belt. You can take these Tengas on ground level. We’ll attack them on high.”

As Hawkman and Trini shot into the sky, Hawkwoman went after Two-face and his group of Tenga terrorists. The dual demon taunted, “Looky, looky. The bird-lady without her wings. Let’s put the dear woman out of her misery, shall we?” But they quickly learned that day never, ever underestimate an angry Thanagarian woman, with or without wings.

After making short work of the Tengas, she went after Two-Face, saying, “Yoo-hoo, half and half, guess what?,” giving him a flying kick to the jaw the minute he whirled around. “Moron,” Hawkwoman smirked as she tied him to a chair securely, then went to check the hostages, to make sure they were okay.

Hawkman and Trini, meanwhile, soared down onto the Tengas and Major Force on the roof of city hall. Trini had come up with a very risky plan. “Suppose I draw their fire. While they’re busy with me, you can take these creeps out of commission.”

Hawkman told her, “Good idea, only I’ll draw their attention. Use my Gravitron pistol if you have to.” With that, he swooped down low and took out the Tengas, leaving only six left to aid Major Force.

While Hawkman confused them all, Trini used her Dyna Daggers and Gravitron pistol to disrupt the head villain, in effect, temporarily canceling his powers. He whirled to discover the Yellow Ranger swooping down upon him, but he really couldn’t do anything; It was too late for him. Using full power, Trini knocked him out.

“Yeah, we did it!” Trini yelled.

Hawkman spoke into his signal device, “Hawkwoman, how did you do?”

“Nailed them. Those losers are history!” she yelled.

Angel Grove is the exact opposite of Gotham in every aspect. The only kind of trouble it usually receive comes from the husband and wife trouble team of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, but that is more than enough. These two have caused the White Ranger and his fellow Rangers more than enough grief to no end. But this time, with the help of the Flash and Green Lantern, he intends to put a permanent end to their plans. Doctor Light aided them by slowly removing the light from Angel Grove. They had an earth based HQ which our heroes had discovered. “I’ll take care of Light, you take care of Rita and Zedd!” Tommy yelled.

As Light tried to steal the rest of the light from the city, Tommy burst through the door, scattering Putties and Tengas in his wake, making Doctor Light furious. “So, the teen superhero wants to try to stop me, does he? Well…” But before he could do anything, Tommy leaped out of his vision field, landed behind him, and snatched his gadget-laden belt, returning Angel Grove’s light and power in the processes.

“Hi!” Tommy snorted and gave him a quick right hook. Quickly recovering, and having no stomach for physical confrontation, the cowardly crook began to run, crying for mercy. Tommy simply teleported in front of him and yelled, “BOO!” Light fainted. White Ranger groaned, “Green Lantern was right about you. You are a complete wus.”

Rita and Zedd soon discovered that their putties, Tengas, and various other creatures were being taken out by a blue of red light. “How,… who… what… OF COURSE! THE FLASH! STOP HIM NOW! GOLDAR!” Rita bellowed at her simian right-hand man, who leaped into the battle, sword at ready, but the sad truth of the matter was, Goldar never had a chance. The Flash simply ran circles around him, creating an incredible updraft, sucking him up into it, sending him 95 feet into the air, and then simply stopped. Completely disoriented, Goldar hit the ground with an amazing CRASH!, causing shockwaves in the immediate area.

“Had enough, you overgrown Wizard of Oz reject? Winged Wussy?” the Scarlet Speedster taunted.

“Big deal, Speedster. You took out Goldar. Rita and myself are another matter entirely. No, prepare for your end!” Zedd shouted angrily. Just as they were aiming their staffs, a green claymore smashed them out of their hands, destroying them instantly.

“NO!” Rita screamed.

“YEAH! I am the coolest!” Green Lantern laughed.

“Right, and I’m Cindy Crawford!” Flash said jokingly.

“I’ll ask for your autograph later, Miss Crawford.” Green Lantern chuckled while trapping the terrible twosome in green electric chairs created from his Power Ring, proceeding to hit them both in their faces with ring-created creme pies. The Flash took one look at the once-powerful villains and snickered, “Low class finish, GL.”

As Tommy joined them with the unconscious Doctor Light, Green Lantern responded, “Yeah, well kiss my ring, buddy!” Tommy couldn’t help but laugh as these two continued to rag on each other.

In the past three years alone, Los Angeles has had it’s share of unwelcome attention and controversy. Race relations fragile at best, the city is constantly on the verge of exploding into an all-out war zone. Hopefully, the Purple Ranger, Black Canary, and Isis can stop that from happening by catching Killer Frost and Count Viper, who are trying to completely ruin any peace left between it’s inhabitants.

Frost was spreading lies in downtown L.A., trying to stir up racial unrest. “Once again, the pigs in charge don’t want you to receive your fair share, and keep you in no position to get ahead. They don’t want you to ever in a a…” Frost was spewing, when she was hit with an intense blast of searing heat, connecting solidly, and knocking her off her podium. Quickly recovering, Frost discovered Isis and the Purple Ranger standing over her, disgusted. “Neither of you can stop me. It has begun.”

Isis look at her and growled, “And now, it’s going to end. you lose.”

“NO! I will not be defeated by the likes of you! FOLLOW ME, MY…” Frost started, as she tried to cover downtown L.A. in a blanket of killing ice.

This was cut short by Samantha, who shot two concessive blasts of heat from her Sonic Slings, followed by a roundhouse, takedown kick from the Purple Ranger. Angrily, Samantha grabbed her and yelled, “Why in the hell are you trying to ignite a race war?”

Knowing she had lost, Frost said, “I was paid by Lexcorp to start a race war to generate negative publicity against Los Angeles bad industries and damage the city’s financial and social bases.”

“You nearly destroyed a city for the sake of commerce? My God, what sort of scum are we dealing with here?” a disgusted Samantha growled.

Isis told her young companion, “The type who won’t be around much longer, if we have anything to say about it.”

In a high-rent district of L.A., Count Viper had just chalked it all up to a loss, and was just about to cut his losses, and hit the road, when he was hit by a sonic blast. Looking up, he saw Black Canary standing before him. Angrily, she kicked him in the ground, then promptly began to slam him around the office, finally kicking him almost out of the tenth-story window, screaming, “YOU MISERABLE SON OF A BITCH! You take away jobs, homes, family, and virtually, freedom from people because of the color of their skin, trying to start a race riot all in the name of the mighty dollar? GIVE ME ONE REASON WHY I SHOULDN’T THROW YOUR DAMN ASS TO THE STREET!”

Samantha told her, “I’ll give you a reason. He’s not worth it. Let the police deal with it.”

Basically known as Gotham’s exact opposite, Metropolis is thriving in any and all aspects. Although it too has it’s fair share of crime, unrest, poverty, and other social ills, these are significantly lower, due to her No. 1 citizen, Superman. Today, he and the Blue Ranger must stop Brainiac from destroying the downtown business district, and put a permanent end to the architect of the entire scheme, Lex Luthor.

“So far, I’ve stopped at least ten executives from jumping to their deaths, but how in the… OF COURSE! MIND CONTROL!” Billy shouted.

“Why not? Makes sense. He commands them to give Luthor power of attorney, giving him control of their companies, then has them leap to their deaths! Diabolical! But we’re putting a stop to this.. RIGHT NOW!” Superman shouted.

“I’ll get started by running a trace of the brainwaves,” Billy told him. “Bingo! They’re coming from Luthor’s world headquarters. Time to interrupt his brainwave items,” Blue Ranger spoke up.

Superman added, “As your friend Jason would say, ‘Let’s do it!'”

Like before, with Count Viper, Lex Luthor knew the JLA and their young allies had beaten them, but next time, no one would stop his schemes, he thought. However, this would be the last time for a long time. His secretary was shouting, “Wait, you two can’t go in there…” to no avail.

In seconds, the heavy, oaken doors were broken down and Superman and Billy strode into his office. “We finally nailed your ass, Luthor! You’re going to be in jail for a long time,” Superman grinned.

“You can’t prove a thing, you sanctimonious…” Luthor started, but was soon interrupted by the Blue Ranger.

“You were so certain that you would ascertain a victorious expedition that you failed to protect your past indescrepancies and peccadilloes.”

Luthor bellowed, “What the hell did he just say?”

“He said that you were so sure your scheme would be such a windfall for you that you didn’t cover your crooked ass! We uncovered schemes that go all the way back to the Nixon Administration, and this time, you can’t con your way out of any of it. Your fakery ends with us, and since the police are here, I’ll just let them in so they can do their job.” The Man of Steel grinned.

Billy added, “It’s all over, Luthor, and by the way, get used to prison. You’re going to be there for a long time.”

One month later, all seven Power Rangers were teleported to the JLA satellite, and then to the moon, where a new fortress was installed when Rita and Zedd’s castle used to be. Wonder Woman told them, “This will be our secondary headquarters, the WatchTower. We figured that you’d better get used to the place, especially if you accept our invitation.”

Zack as the first to react, “Invitation? For what… OH, MY GOD! Are you kidding?”

“We’re not kidding. We would like for all of you to join the JLA,” Batman said.

Hawkman asked, “Well, how about it?”

“Jammin’! This is a major groove!” Zack shouted.

“This is so totally awesome!” Kimberly cheered.

“Count me in!” Trini yelled.

“This is fantastic. Count me in, too!” Tommy shouted.

“All right, I’m in!” Jason howled.

“Outrageous!” Samantha shrieked.

“This is most prodigious!” Billy chimed.

“Zordon told us of the three rules that you must follow as Power Rangers. We’ll uphold these as well, and provide all of you access to any and all JLA files as well. Tommy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Jason, Samantha and Billy, welcome to the JLA!” Superman smiled.

As the other Rangers got accustomed to the HQ, Jason was deep in thought about this new situation they were in. Thinking to himself, he said, “Don’t worry, we’re going to try to be worthy of this.”


Hereby elects:

Tommy Oliver (White Ranger)

Kimberly Hart (Pink Ranger)

Zack Taylor (Black Ranger)

Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger)

Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)

Samantha Dean (Purple Ranger)

Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger)

Collectively known as the Power Rangers

to membership for life– with all privileges and gratuities including the signal device(s) and possession of the special keys which permit access to the teleporters which provide entry to the satellite-sanctuary and the WatchTower, and the libraries, laboratories, weapons range, armory, conference rooms, and souvenir rooms of both headquarters.

It is also resolved that:

The Power Rangers

shall receive a special commendation for their assistance on this case file-named:

Deadly Alliances


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